Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Episode31 - UFO/FO

City Sheep/Country Sheep
-Drive in to see cars 2 (left early)
-Cambria/Moonstone beach
-Ren Faire
-Cleaned house for company
-Washed my car
-Kaitlyn's arm
-Road Trip to Monterey & Santa Cruz
-went to the beach & farmer's market
-took family to airport on Saturday, everyone cried :(
-it's been weird & really hard having everyone gone!
-Harry Potter Mania - midnight show
-getting back to normal routine
-Montana De Oro & Noi's

In & Out of the Bag 
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In/out: Totoro doll
In: Vlad
In: Vanilla socks
Out: Deathly Hollow's Cowl
Out: Tardis & Transport
Out: Dragon Bath Puppet
In: Ron Weasley Sweater
In: "Trust Snape" cuffs
about to be in: Angry Birds Pig
* Finished all 6 of my Challenges for Nerd Wars this round!

-Mark's work BBQ at midstate fair
-School starts soon
-Still listening to Dragonfly in Amber

-hot vanilla latte w/ coconut
-Suessical the Musical
-Deathly Hollow's again w/ Joe if he proves he can handle it
-Headed to Nevada in August

-Finished dream and ended up with 190 yards chain plyed
-Spinning mermaid lagoon BFL/slik

 -ended up hating Expat & triwizard plied together, so chain plied tri & am about to do the same to the other 4 oz I've spun
-Did a single ply of Slytherin, BFL/Silk
-tried my hand at core spinning - Mermaids

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