Friday, September 16, 2011

Episode 29 - Harry Potter

City Sheep/Country Sheep
- SLO Children's Museum
- New Microwave
- Pho Crazy!!
- Kaitlyn sick
- Girls next door

- Children's Museum
- Auntie came to visit
- Went to LYS for WWKIP Day
- John Jacob killed my chicken, then since he was locked in the garage the next morning the coyote(s) came and got another chicken. Mom saw 1 of them. We thought it got 3 of the chickens so we decided to get 4 more and then found the other 2.  
- We also got a new dog who needed a home!  Addy who is a Great Pyrenees - was raised with Chickens & Kids.
- Summer is here!
-Garage Door Ghost
- Cherries

In & Out of the Bag 
(please click on our names to visit our Ravelry project pages) 
Out - crochet cloth
Out- Daybreak Shawl
In - FLS
In - Sock
In - sweater
In - Golden Snitch
Out - Wand
-2 weeks till MO trip
-Central Coast Ren Faire July 16 & 17
-Putting up new fence in front yard
-Happy Fathers day!
- Camping/ Father's Day
- TdF
- Day Camp
- Outlander

- Black Lake - almost done w/ 2nd bump, chain plied 1st 4oz & loved it!
- Broke my fiber fast HP colorways

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