Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Episode 32 - Giggles

City Sheep/Country Sheep
-BBQ at fair
-Trip to Solvang
-Book club
-Mark's parents visit
-Drive-in Cowboy's & Aliens

-book club
-Polo match
-registered for CampKIP 2012
-Cousin's Show - Texas Women

In & Out of the Bag 
(please click on our names to visit our Ravelry project pages) 
Out: FLS
Out: 2 Owls amigurumi 
Out: Snake
In: Snake
In: Punky Socks
Out: Amelia!!! AKA Ron Weasley Sweater
Out: Angry Birds Pig
Out: Monster Socks
Moments from being out: Tea Leaves AKA 10% UK Beer Sweater
-going to try crocheting amagurumi
-stocking up on Berroco Vintage in all colors for the 30% off sale at LYS!

Knotty Knitting
Tea Leaves Sleeves

-kid going to grandparents house!!!!
-School in 2 weeks
-finished Bossy Pants by Tina Fey

-Kindergarten starts in 2 weeks!
-Ravine water park on Sat
-Nerd Wars projects
-Joe's magnet chart/ rewards/ lego's
-Bossypants by Tina Fey
-Drums of Autumn, 4th book in Outlander Series
-Harry Potter

-Spindle spinning
-Found my wheel a Kromski Fantasia

-Finished Triwizaed Tournament
-Spun 2 oz of Chamber & 2 oz of Minerva & plied them together
-Spun other 2 oz of each of those and 2 plied them to themselves
-Chain plied Expat, renamed The Darkest Hour for a part in half-blood prince
-started spinning for 3 ply of Sorcerer's Stone, LaStrange & Familiars
- Do we see a theme here? ;)

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