Monday, May 23, 2011

Episode 25 - M.I.A.

City Sheep/ Country Sheep
Mother's Day weekend
     -Mark had to work
     - Papa had a mild heart attack
-Anniversary & Mark worked from 7:30am to 2:30pm the next day!!
-Pincher bugs - HELP!!
-Hair colored!
-Basque Food

trip to Denver, sick the whole time
had all the windows washed & then it rained!
lost 2 chickens to illness
had friends over & made lasagna from scratch
found pollywogs!

In & Out of the Bag
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in: FLS
in: Laminaria
in: tea leaves; sweater body out, sleeves in
in: monster socks - working on gussets
in: daybreak 

kindergarten round-up coming up on the 24th
Game of Thrones - read or watch it!
Glee makes me want to be musical!!

books - "The Help" & "The Kitchen House"
Spinning at the Winery
BSG - not as likely

Oh Knit Dr
Only suggestion I have is when having difficulty getting yarn out of the center pull ball - rewind bt hand into a ball. Or instead of using ball winder use a nostepinnne.

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