Monday, June 6, 2011

Episode 26 - Sock it to me

City Sheep/Country Sheep
Diagnosed with Asthmatic Bronchitis 
Bike rides
Kaitlyn camping in the back yard
Tornado is MO 
Funeral & BBQ my cousin & his oldest son came over for dinner
Lando's dad is dyeing & possibly going to the Philippines 
Got Stuff to clean car - now need time to do it   
Made Strawberry Jam
Mom got an iPhone
My new old treadle sewing machine 
Old friends of the family over for dinner
Found DS games for the 2nd time
Animal Crossing obsession
Joe's lost inhaler found
Saw Bridesmaids

In & Out of the Bag
(please click on our names to visit our Ravelry project pages) 
in: 2nd sock Seagrass pattern
Same stuff but my Monster Socks are making progress - turned heel

Knotty Knitting
Messed up on sock pattern

Kindergarten Round-up
Strawberry Festival this weekend
Kindergarten Round-up
hair cut on Thursday
Spinning @ the Winery

Oh Knit Dr
Mosaic Knitting
Great intro to colorwork & fair isle
Article on Knitty 
and here is a great example of a hat on Ravelry

Spun while old friends of the family were over for dinner & ended up finishing & plying Blankets! It's chain plied & 135 yards

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