Sunday, May 22, 2011

Episode 24 - Babble On....

City Sheep/ Country Sheep
Pam- Cruise! 
for a more detailed account of the cruise go to

Meegan- Easter, may my step dad R.I.P.
Sister came from Colorado & Brothers came from Los Angeles & San Francisco.
Signed Joe up for Kindergarten & am trying to find him a play therapist.
Knotty Knitting
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out: Isipisi hat aka Out to Sea hat
in: Daybreak Shawl
in: Laminaria 
in: tea leaves
in: daybreak
in: monster socks 

Pam- December swap came from Canada! 

Meegan- headed to Denver this weekend
Spinning @ Retzlaff Winery June 4th
BSG June 24-26
Las Vegas w/ Mama

Oh Knit Dr
Magic Loop
need at least a 40" cable
co # of stitches needed (lets say 60) - fold cable in 1/2 with needles held together. Split the stitches 30 onto each needle. MAKE SURE STITCHES ARE NOT TWISTED!!!
And that yarn tail is in the back.
Pull out back needle, enough to make a loop when using that needle to knit with - you will also have a loop on the other side of stitches.  Looking like a hourglass or figure 8 without the crossover.

Meegan- Spun a little on "Blankets" & got my Jenkins Turkish Delight Drop Spindle!

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