Sunday, March 27, 2011

Episode 19 - Socks in a Box, with a Fox?

City Sheep/Country Sheep
-Cleaned and organized the bathroom
-Keeping house clean
-New faucet
-Craft weekend out at the farm house
-Craft Weekend at my "Cottage"
- Huge Storm
-Super Moon
-My house is Legoland
-Made Yummy cake - smitten kitchen

In&Out of the Bag
(please click on our names to visit our Ravelry project pages) 

Out- Crochet cloth
Out- Rin's Clapotis
In- February Lady Sweater
In- Seagrass Socks
nothing out
everything from last week still in!
Worked on my socks the most!

Knotty Knitting
-Knitting inside out in magic loop...again

-The lil Stitch
Freddie's Blanket & Phoebe's Sweater
Last chance on teas at Fall Creek Fibers & Tea
CampKIP - April 6-9th
Spinning at the Winery - Retzlaff Winery in Livermore - June 5th

Oh Knit Dr
When you don't know what you want to cast-on, 1 option is to go with necessity - cast-on something you need!  Or option 2 is cast-on 1 of everything & see what you gravitate towards! :) 

-spinning my bfl dream from Fall Creek Fibers
Spun up 1st bump & 1/2 of 2nd bump of my Christina Marie Potter Kaylee fiber.
Spinning wheel treadle was bumping on the frame when at the park but was fine at home so the ground must have been too uneven at the park.

Thank You's
-Knittinwolf for her iTunes review!!

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