Sunday, March 20, 2011

Episode 18 - Operation Organize

City Sheep/Country Sheep
Operation clean house going very well!!
Kicked the soda habit...again
Baked a cake
Tsunami warning

stepdad home & doing great
tummy ache :(
Quilting - found AWESOME fabrics downtown SLO
going to make project bags & chart keepers

In & Out of theBag
In: Crochet cloth for year long dishcloth swap
In: Kitchen Spring Time Towel
In: February Lady Sweater
In: Rin's Clapotis
In: Punky Brewster socks
Frogged: My Clapotis
Organizing my patterns
Out: My cowl
In: Tea Leaves - hurting my hands still :(
In: Alice in Wonderland Cardi A.K.A. Flair
In: Incognito for Jojo
In: Freddie the Platypus
In: Mossay Laminaria Shawl
In: Socks in Box Socks
Knotty Knitting
Buttonhole fix on Tea Leaves
Sleepy knitting confusion on Laminaria
Monkey Sock confusion 

Etsy shop news- post office helping me with shipping!!
Grandparents Wedding April 2nd
Cuise April 24th-30th
Chai from Fall Creek Fibers
Donation Incentive (look for the Tip Jar @
Wanting a Schacht Cricket - getting a bit of the Weaving bug! Especially for Scarves!

Oh Knit Dr
Question comes from Monique (moemoe on Ravelry) and moemoeknits on Twitter
"Can you talk about designing your own charts for color work? Where can I find information?"
I suggest using graph paper or excel.  Can print out graph paper for knitting that is a box per stitch or box per 2,3,4 etc. stitches depending on what you decide. See &
Here is a great tutorial from Marnie Maclean on charting!
PS I found this stitch paper on Rav for $1 HERE
Pre-drafted my BFL from Fall Creek Fibers in the colorway Dream

hard decisions on picking what to spin next.  
Spinning Cristina Marie Potters Corriedale right now! Will be a 3 ply with same colorway in 3 different fiber bases.

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