Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Episode 12 - Punky Brewster

City Sheep/Country Sheep
Pam - keeping up on the dishes! cleaned living room, next up is Kaitlyn's room! 
Mark (A.K.A. the hubby) is making us a sound booth!!!
Meegan - kiddo to dentist, rain, burning leaves, 8 eggs a day, finally updated stash on Ravelry, next is project page!  Mo missing story!

In & Out of the Bag
in - Tappan Zee still
in - starting a couple dishcloths
in - cowl
out - nothing 
out - Tappan Zee!
out - Grandma's favorite heart dishcloth

in - Kaitlyn's slouchy hat

in - Kaitlyn's Punky Brewster socks

in - Hearts Dishcloth
in - February Lady Sweater

Naughty Knitting 
Meegan - correction from last week, not enough knitting to have it be naughty

Meegan - Treat from Fall Creek Fibers & Tea - get your Oolong Tea too!!!
book - "The Birth of Venus" by Sarah Dunant
Pam - Delight from Fall Creek Fibers & Tea
finished "The Thirteenth Tale" by Diane Setterfield 
Gearing up for Stitches West!!!

Oh Knit Dr
what to do with projects you just want to unravel!
felted dog toy
felted bag or throw pillow/cushion
what if it is super wash - 
turn it into a sweater dress for a girl
if it is tight night - still can become bag or cushion

Round & Round
Pam - nothing this week
Meegan - finished my sweater fiber from Fall Creek Fibers!  5 different fibers split and spun together!

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