Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Episode 11 - SIP

Here are the notes - link & pics will be up by tonight!

City Sheep/Country Sheep
So MUCH work @ the Farmhouse! 
Mowing & Weed Whacking the 1 acre vineyard & Pruning the vines & roses & trees.
Getting Eggs from the chickens! :)
Trip to Hollywood with the Hubby

More pics from the trip!
House looks like a disaster - get back to organizing & cleaning!
In & Out of the Bag
out- washcloths; Bubbles; Ladybug; Octagon

out- Shackleton Hat

in- Tappan Zee
out- Blue Octagon Dishcloth for year swap

out- Facile Cowl - too big
in- Tappan Zee - knitting in the car with Sea Sick Bracelets really does work!

in- slouchy hat for Kaitlyn

in- Heart dishcloth

Naughty Knitting
Naughty Spinning!  my 3rd & 4th bobbins for my Fall Creek Fibers sweater does not have enough yardage!  :(  Gonna need a new sweater pattern!


Fall Creek Fibers Lotus (special Gourmet club flavor)
Fall Creek Fibers January (still on sale for a few more days) - Get yours HERE

Stitches West - dinner on Friday night! (Check out Rav group for more details)
Sad CampKIP story
Pam received her 1st swap & Meegan got her handspun hat swap package

Oh Knit Dr
Changing the numbers in a pattern to be able to use whatever yarn you want to use!
Take the number of stitches you are supposed to have in the pattern and divide it by stitches per inch (gauge the pattern has) then multiply that number by the number of stitches per inch you have with your yarn (after knit up swatch).  You now have the number of stitches you should have!
Pattern says CO 40; sts/in are 4 (divide 4 into 40) you now have 10 (multiply by sts/in you have, lets say 6) you will get 60 - so your cast on is now 60.
let me know if you have any questions!

Round & Round 
needs to practice and build confidence again!  
Kevin Fiber

Sweater Fiber

New Wheel is finding its way to me!  Louet Victoia 

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